Seminar Videos

February 3, 2017 – Science and Faith

Leonard Allen (Dean and Professor, Lipscomb University, Deptartment of Bible and Ministry)
Alister McGrath (Professor of Science and Religion, University of Oxford, England)
Rubel Shelly (Professor in Philosophy and Religion, Lipscomb University)
Janet Siefert (Senior Faculty Fellow, Rice University, Biochemical Systems, Origin of Life, Astrobiology)
Mark Lanier (Moderator – J.D. Trial Attorney, Bible Teacher, Author and Founder of Lanier Theological Library)

October 28, 2016 – God’s Loving Kindness: Trying to Get a Handle on Hesed

Michael Card (Singer-Songwriter, Author in Biblical Studies, Franklin, TN)
Andy Dearman (Associate Dean, Professor of Old Testament, Fuller Seminary, Houston, TX)
Phillip Marshall (Assistant Professor of Theology, Houston Baptist University, Houston, TX)
Mark Sneed (Professor of Bible, Lubbock Christian University, Lubbock, TX)
Charles Mickey (Moderator – Director of Lanier Theological Library)

September 9, 2016 – Who Were the Early Christians?

Larry Hurtado (Emeritus Professor of New Testament Language, Literature and Theology, University of Edinburgh, Scotland)
Carey Newman (Director of Baylor University Press, Professor, Minister and Author, Waco, TX)
Rubel Shelly (Distinguished Professor of Philosophy and Religion, Lipscomb University, Nashville, TN)
Christian Eberhart (Professor of Religious Studies and Chairman of Department of Comparative Cultural Studies, University of Houston)
Mark Lanier (Moderator – J.D. Trial Attorney, Bible Teacher, Author and Founder of Lanier Theological Library)

May 6, 2016 – Five New Testament Scholars on Two Topics: The Gospel of Jesus’ Wife & Atonement in Paul’s Writings

David Capes (Moderator – Dean, Professor of New Testament, Houston Graduate School of Theology, Houston, TX)
Graham Cole (Dean, Professor of Biblical and Systematic Theology, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Deerfield, IL)
Craig Evans (Dean, School of Christian Thought, John Bisagno Distinguished Professor of Christian Origins, Houston Baptist University, Houston, TX)
Simon Gathercole (New Testament Scholar/Teacher, University of Cambridge, England)
David Moessner (Professor, A. A. Bradford Chair of Religion, Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, TX)

April 1, 2016 – Problems in Understanding Paul

Joseph Shulam (Hebrew scholar and Christian minister, Jerusalem)
Mark Hamilton (Robert & Kay Onstead Professor of Old Testament, Abilene Christian University)
George Goldman (Associate Dean, Undergraduate Bible, Lipscomb University)
David Rudolph (Director of Messianic Jewish Studies, The King’s University, Southlake, TX)
Mark Lanier (Moderator)

October 30, 2015 – Slavery and the Bible

Peter Williams (Warden of Tyndale House, Cambridge)
James Hoffmeier (Professor, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School)
Andy Dearman (Associate Dean and Professor, Fuller Theological Seminary, Houston)
Dick Averbeck (Professor, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School)
Mark Lanier (Moderator)

September 11, 2015 – Paul and His Jewish Background

Lynn Cohick (Professor, Wheaton College)
Ben Blackwell (Interim Dean, School of Christian Thought, Houston Baptist University)
Todd Still (Dean and Professor, Baylor University’s Truett Theological Seminary)
Steve Young (Assistant Professor, Fuller Theological Seminary)
Mark Lanier (Moderator)

May 22, 2015 – Figural Reading – Old Testament in the New

Richard Hays (Dean, Duke Divinity School)
Lynn Cohick (Professor, Wheaton College)
Carey Newman (Director, Baylor University Press)
David Capes (Professor, Houston Baptist University)
Mark Lanier (Moderator)

February 27, 2015 – John Milton & Theology

Dennis Danielson (Professor, University of British Columbia)
Phillip Donnelly (Associate Professor, Honors College of Baylor University)
Emily Stelzer (Assistant Professor, Houston Baptist University)
Mark Lanier (Moderator)

January 16, 2015 – Historical and Archaeological Evidence for the Jewish Diaspora After 722 B.C.

K. Lawson Younger (Trinity Evangelical Divinity School)
James K. Hoffmeier (Trinity Evangelical Divinity School)
Richard Hawes (Archaeology Forum, Tyndale House Cambridge)
Benjamin Scolnic (Southern Connecticut State University)
Gary A. Rendsburg (Rutgers University)
Thomas W. Davis (Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary)

October 25, 2014 – Languages of the Bible: Hebraisms in the Greek

Steven Notley (Professor, Nyack College)
Weston Fields (Executive Director, Dead Sea Scrolls Foundation)
Peter Davids (Professor, Houston Baptist University)
Jeff Peterson (Professor, Austin Graduate School of Theology)
Mark Lanier (Moderator)

September 6, 2014 – Religious Freedom: A Panel Discussion

Mark Movsesian (Professor, St. John’s University School of Law)
Dr. James Hoffmeier (Professor, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School)
Father Mario Arroyo (Senior Pastor, St. Cyril of Alexandria Catholic Church)
Michael Simons (Dean, St. John’s University School of Law)
Mark Lanier (Moderator)

August 1, 2014 – Christianity on Trial Panel Discussion

Dr. David Fleming (Senior Pastor, Champion Forest Baptist Church)
Dr. Randy Richards (Dean of the School of Ministry, Palm Beach Atlantic University)
Dr. Tremper Longman III (Professor of Biblical Studies, Westmont College)
Mark Lanier (Moderator)

June 7, 2014 – An Interview with Harvey Floyd

Harvey Floyd (Retired Hebrew Professor from Lipscomb University)
Mark Lanier (Interviewer)

March 21, 2014 – A Seminar on Paul with N.T. Wright

Dr. N.T. Wright (Professor at University of St. Andrews)
Dr. Ross Wagner (Associate Professor at Duke Divinity School)
Dr. Bruce Corley (President of B.H. Carroll Theological Institute)
Mark Lanier, Moderator

October 4, 2013 – “God and Evil” Panel Discussion
Udo Middelmann (President of the Francis A. Schaeffer Foundation)
David Capes (Thomas Nelson Research Professor at Houston Baptist University)
Rick Taylor (Professor of Old Testament Studies at Dallas Theological Seminary)
David Fleming (Senior Pastor, Champion Forest Baptist Church)
John Hill (Minister, Berwick Christian Church)
Malcolm Yarnell (Professor of Systematic Theology, Southwestern Baptist Theological  Seminary)
Mark Lanier, Moderator

March 23, 2013 – C. S. Lewis Seminar

Dr. Jerry Root (Wheaton College) “C.S. Lewisʼs Big Ideas: Explored and Applied”
Dr. Don King (Montreat College) “The Influence of George Herbertʼs The Temple on C. S. Lewisʼs Pastoral Voice and Understanding of Grief.”
Dr. Christopher Mitchell (Wheaton College) “Bearing the Weight of Glory: C.S. Lewis as a Lay Minister”
Dr. Alister McGrath (Kingʼs College London)
Mark Lanier (Moderator)

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November 2, 2012 – “Writing and Scribal Techniques in Early Israel”

James K. Hoffmeier (Trinity Evangelical Divinity School)
“Egyptian Influence on Hebrew Scribal Practice”
Bill Schniedewind (UCLA)
“The Administration and Trade of King Solomon”
Ron Tappy (Pittsburgh Theological Seminary)
“Abracadabra:A Writer’s Tenth-Century Toolkit”
Emanuel Tov (Hebrew University)
“Writing at Qumran”
Alan Millard (University of Liverpool), Respondent
Mark Lanier, Moderator


September 7, 2012 – Seminar on Jesus in the Canonical and Apocryphal Gospels

This seminar features a panel made up of these four scholars:

Simon Gathercole (Professor and Fellow at Cambridge University)
David Chapman (Associate Professor of New Testament and Archaeology, Scripture and Interpretation, Covenant Theological Seminary)
David Capes (Thomas Nelson Professor at Houston Baptist University)
Peter Davids (Visiting Professor at Houston Baptist University)

Mark Lanier served as the moderator for this discussion of both canonical and non-canonical Gospels, including the Gospels of Thomas, Mary, Judas, and Phillip. The panel also answered questions from the audience.