The Education Portal provides dedicated access to specific educational resources provided by the LTL. It is tied in closely to the Learning Center, that is being built in the fall of 2020. It is an ongoing project, growing as needs and resources are identified that would be valuable to a wide range of users. The premier founding resource is organization of the extensive scholar presentations that are a part of the LTL's academic year activity.  For questions or comments, please contact David Capes.


LTL Lecture Archive

The LTL Lecture Series is an ongoing project designed to provide organized resources and links to the scholars and academicians that have participated in the library lectures and panels. Additionally, Mark Lanier’s Biblical Literacy teaching resources (almost 20 years of videos, notes and powerpoints) are included where appropriate.

Resources include:

  • Podcast links
  • Video linke
  • Listenting guides
  • Associated panel discussions

This is an effort in progress and we hope will benefit the lay community, scholars, as well as students in general.


LTL Featured Podcasts

  • Biblical Literacy : Taught by Mark Lanier, over 20 years of seminary level lectures on a wide range of topics, currently hosted on iTunes, but soon to be on your favorite pod hosting app.
  • Exegetically Speaking : a weekly podcast of the friends and faculty of Wheaton College, Ill. Hosted
    by Dr. David Capes,  it features language experts discussing the importance of learning the biblical languages—Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek—and showing how reading the Bible in the original “pays off.” Each podcast lasts between seven and eleven minutes and covers a different topic.  Please contact us at
  • Stone Chapel Podcast : David Capes, senior research fellow at the LTL, is your host for the Lanier Stone Chapel podcast. Podcasts based on a variety of topics and guests, David opens up conversations that are timely in content and approach

Interactive Events Open to Public

A series of educational, interactive events, sponsored by the LTL, are offered through out the year. Check back here often to find out events being offered and their schedule, registration details.

Due to the COVID pandemic, the events are currently on hold until further notice.

Below is one of the very successful dialogues held in the fall of 2019 and will begin again once restrictions and schedule permit. 

  • Science and Faith Dialogues, an interactive discussion group open to everyone. Likely to be renamed, "The Hall of Reason" in 2021 with the new education center and expanded facilities, they are formatted for discussions on cutting edge science issues and faith related concerns.


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