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October 16, 2021 Lecture by John Warwick Montgomery

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Why Do Unbelievers Reject the Solid Evidences for Christian Truth?

Evidential apologetics employs the principle that if the evidence for the faith is of the kind unbelievers themselves must employ to arrive at good decisions, they must either accept the truth of the gospel supported by parallel argumentation OR stop employing the same reasoning in their secular decision-making. Legal/juridical apologetics carries that same principle further: if the Christian message can be supported by arguments qualitatively the same as those normatively employed in courts of law, the unbeliever must recognize and accept the force of the Christian case OR jettison the legal system itself (an entirely nonsensical alternative). The present lecture offers a trenchant illustration by way of the reasons clients irrationally reject the good advice of their own lawyers.

John Warwick Montgomery is considered by many to be the foremost living apologist for Biblical Christianity.  This ordained Lutheran clergyman, theologian, lawyer and scholar lives in France, and his legal specialty is the international and comparative law of human rights.

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