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Larry Hurtado

Larry W. Hurtado (1943-2019) was Emeritus Professor of New Testament Language, Literature & Theology at the University of Edinburgh. He was the author of 11 books and over 100 articles in journals, multi-author and reference works. His research ranged broadly on issues in New Testament textual criticism, physical/visual features of early Christian manuscripts, the Gospel of Mark, early Christian worship, and the origins and early development of devotion to Jesus.

Born in Kansas City, Missouri, Larry Hurtado moved to Canada shortly after finishing his PhD, initially teaching in Regent College (Vancouver), and then in the University of Manitoba (Winnipeg).  In 1996 he accepted the professorial chair in New Testament in the University of Edinburgh, where he founded the Centre for the Study of Christian Origins. Larry was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh in 2008, and was President of the British New Testament Society, 2009-2012. He lectured all over the world in colleges, universities and seminaries.  To date he is the only special collections donor to have lectured at the Lanier Theological Library (September 2016).


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