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Episode 117 Cultural Intelligence with Darrell Bock

Cultural Intelligence is the title of a new book by Dr. Darrell Bock.  The subtitle is this: Living for God in a Diverse, Pluralistic World (B & H Academic, 2020).

Darrell stopped by the Lanier Theological Library to be part of a panel discussion featuring Mark Lanier’s Atheism on Trial.  While at the library, he sat down to talk with David Capes about his work. 

Darrell is a Houstonian, a sports fan, a lover of Dr. Pepper, an Apple fanatic, and is perhaps best known as a Professor of New Testament at Dallas Theological Seminary. 

He served on that faculty for over 40 years.  He has never studied the New Testament simply to do academics, though he has done that well; he has always carried out his studies as a matter of applied theology. 

Darrell made a conscious decision a few years ago to spend more time thinking, researching, and writing about cultural intelligence. 

He is convinced that a person cannot lead if they do not know what is happening around them.  He addresses a number of the critical issues of the day: racism, abortion, transgenderism, etc.

Nearly 20 years ago Darrell led Dallas Theological Seminary to begin a podcast that dealt with cultural issues facing the churches. 

Overall, churches were not well equipped to deal with the challenges coming their way.  Darrell and his team are building an archive of titles and topics as a resource for the church.

The podcast is entitled The Table Podcast and is available on Apple, Google, Spotify, and other platforms. 

Darrell defines the mission of the church as this: it is not to change the world but to invite people into an alternative way of life. 

He is concerned about the harsh tones deployed by people on all sides of these different debates, but the church must lean into these challenges while maintaining a loving, gentle disposition. 

Here is what one cultural leader said of Darrell’s book:

“Darrell Bock’s book Cultural Intelligence is like a gentle rain in a parched land. How should Christians live during this divisive time, where everything is angrily dichotomized by red or blue, Christian or non-believer?

Bock answers simply and profoundly, ‘People are not the enemy, they are the goal.’ Cultural Intelligence is a must read for Christ followers who want to engage others in this post-Christian age by honing their listening skills and living biblically based lives of hope.”

—David C. Iglesias, director, Wheaton Cente​r for Faith, Politics and Economics, and Jean and E. Floyd Kvamme Associate Professor of Politics and Law, Wheaton College

Darrell L. Bock is Professor of New Testament and Executive Director of Cultural Engagement at Dallas Theological Seminary.

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