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Episode 121 Apologetics on Mission with Kristen Davis

Episode 121 Apologetics on Mission with Kristen Davis

Who is Kristen Davis

Kristen Davis co-founded Apologetics on Mission with Ben Clifton.  She has been teaching apologetics since 2010. 

After a period of nominal Christianity and falling away from the faith in college, Kristen came back to the faith through academic pursuits. 

She loved studying the Bible, even though she was not convinced it was true. 

Next she went on to earn a master’s degree in Christian Apologetics.

Today she continues to pursue a PhD in Philosophy of Religion from Southern Evangelical Seminary. 

Artificial Intelligence

Kristen is writing her thesis on Artificial Intelligence. 

There is a thought among many that if human beings can create artificial intelligence to do everything a human does, it proves Darwinian evolution is true. 

So there is no need to postulate the existence of a Creator. Kristen is working to disprove this claim.


As a bi-vocational apologist, Kristen works with a financial tech company, doing systems integration. 

She runs a software development team and makes her home in Florida.

How Apologetics on Mission began

Independently of one another, Kristen and a friend started teaching apologetics in Africa. 

They both realized that there was hunger around the world for this kind of training. 

Many peoples lack resources and access to our finest courses and universities. So they joined forces to take training in apologetics around the world.  

They are just beginning and are currently working in East Africa among Rwandans, Kenyans, and Ugandans.

Their goal is to create self-sustaining apologetics communities around the world.

Special concerns of Africans

Many of the doubts, questions, and concerns among Africans are similar to those we have in the west. 

But many concerns are unique to Africa.  One such concern is the dominance of the prosperity gospel and is one particularly difficult challenge facing churches in the majority world. 

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