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Episode 123 Foretaste of the Future with Dean Flemming

Episode 123 Foretaste of the Future

Foretaste of the Future provides Dean Flemming’s readers with a well written, clear explanation of Revelation interpreted from a missional perspective.

So what is a missional reading of Scripture? You’ll be in the know, once you’ve listened to the podcast!

Who is Dean Flemming?

Dean Flemming got his PhD, from the University of Aberdeen. He is currently emeritus professor of New Testament and Missions at Mid-America Nazarene University in Kansas.

He joins David Capes today on “The Stone Chapel” podcast.  He’s been an author, a teacher, and a cross-cultural missionary. 

He’s taught in Japan, Europe, and the Philippines and lectured all around the world. 

Foretaste of the Future-The Book

Dr. Flemming has written an important book:  Foretaste of the Future: Reading Revelation in Light of God’s Mission (InterVarsity, 2022).

Through much of his life, Dean read Revelation through a prediction lens, expecting it to forecast the future.

But after finding that way of reading problematic, he began reading it through a missional lens. In other words, as a book intended to shape the church to become a foretaste of the future. 

What scholars are saying about Foretaste of the Future-

Here is what Dr. Nijay Gupta, professor of New Testament at Northern Seminary, says about the book. 

“Two common and problematic reactions to the book of Revelation are repulsion (Why is God so wrathful?) and unhealthy fascination (What is God’s eschatological schedule?).

Dean Flemming proposes a missional approach to Revelation that focuses on God’s gospel mission, the grace and power of Jesus Christ, and the opportunity for the church to be faithful and resilient witnesses to the good work of God that can triumph over evil in our world.

Flemming approaches this theology of Revelation with clarity, humility, wisdom, and hope. If you have ever put Revelation at a distance because of its oddness, Flemming just might turn this into one of your favorite biblical books after all.”

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