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Episode 128 Training in War Time with Christopher Hays

Training in War Time

“Training in War Time” has become part of the mission of

Dr. Christopher Hays who received his PhD,  from Oxford University is, president of ScholarLeaders (

Today, he joins David Capes on this episode of “The Stone Chapel Podcast.”

Interestingly, David met Christopher in 2018 at the Biblical Seminary in the country of Columbia. 

There he was Professor of New Testament and Greek. But he was also working with victims of forced displacement after more than 50 years of civil war. 

Now his experience and insight are coming into clear focus.

What is the mission of ScholarLeaders?

It’s to encourage and enable Christian theological leaders from the Majority World.

That is Africa, Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East.

The organization started in 1983 when a group of western church leaders caught John Stott’s vision for training majority world leaders. 

At first they provided scholarships which was very successful because it shaped a generation of theological leaders for Africa, Asia, and other critical areas.

Why is this so important?

First, the modern mission movement has been a success.  There are more Christians in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and other non-western countries than in any of the traditional missionary sending countries.

As the west becomes more post-Christian, most followers of Jesus are in the Majority World. 

But these regions do not have the resources to train, mentor, and equip the next generation of leaders.

So, ScholarLeaders has stepped into the gap.

Training in War Times-What’s next for ScholarLeaders? 

How will ScholarLeaders help global Christians tackle the big, national issues? 

First, in Islamic countries where Christians are in the minority.

Second, ScholarLeaders is working closely with seminaries in Ukraine.

One year ago the Russians invaded Ukraine. What does the Russian invasion mean for training in war time? 

How can these regional schools best serve the Ukrainians?

As Russia shelled campuses and leaders were being conscripted to defend the nation, ScholarLeaders began to listen to what these local leaders needed and pivoted to a new kind of action.

Ten seminaries had to become refugee relocation spaces, assisting tens of thousands to safety.  Key leaders of the Ukrainian churches have been lost in the war.

When the war is over, there will be an enormous need for new church leaders. On the other side of trauma, the pastoral needs will be enormous.

If you’d like to help brothers and sisters in Ukraine, learn more at

Books by Christopher Hays

Evangelical Faith and the Challenge of Historical Criticism (Baker Academic, 2013)

Renouncing Everything: Money and Discipleship in Luke (Paulist Press, 2016)

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