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Episode 132 Vox Petri: The Voice of Peter, with Gene Green

Episode 132

Vox Petri: The Voice of Peter, with Gene Green 

The Vox Petri, the authentic voice of Peter, is the topic of this podcast and the title of a new book by Gene Green, Vox Petri, A Theology of Peter By Cascade Publishing. 

It’s a book that has been in process for many years and is recommended reading.

Who is Gene Green?

Gene Green is Professor Emeritus of New Testament from Wheaton College and Graduate School in Illinois.

He also currently serves as adjunct professor at NACOS, the Native American Course of Studies of The United Methodist Church. 

Peter and Paul

To goad his New Testament colleagues, Green says that “Paul is derivative of Peter.”  Is that true?

Gene thinks that much of what we find in Paul is similar to what is near to the authentic voice of Peter. 

Paul had both the opportunity and the desire to know more about Jesus, and Peter likely shared with him stories about the earthly Jesus.

But there is something else.  Protestants appear to favor Paul.  Catholics appear to favor Peter.

Why is there so little preaching and teaching on Peter in Protestant Churches? 

Their default mode is to preach Paul and also perhaps the Gospels, but they leave out vast swaths of material in the so called “General Letters” or “Catholic Letters.” 

Prominent among that collection are the letters of Peter. 

Where do you find the authentic voice of Peter?

According to Gene Green, the theology of Peter is expressed in the Gospel of Mark, in stories of Acts, and then 1 Peter. 

Gene does not deal with 2 Peter in his book because of the controversies associated with the authorship of that book. 

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