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Episode 134 Amplifying Global Voices, Kiwi Jin & Ben Ritter

Episode 134 Amplifying Global Voices

Amplifying Global Voices is a podcast featuring two team members of Langham Partnership.

Kiwi Jin, Global Voices Coordinator, and Ben Ritter, Marketing Coordinator, join David Capes on The Stone Chapel Podcast.

They recently attended a lecture weekend featuring Langham scholar, Havilah Dharamraj.

Langham Partnership and John Stott

Langham Partnership is the legacy of John Stott, rector of All Soul’s Church in London.

Stott got involved in the Global Church over fifty years ago.  He wrote more than fifty books that publishers have translated into more than seventy languages. 

At a crucial point in his ministry, Stott decided to renounce 100% of his book royalties and speaking honoraria. Consequently, he dedicated that money to equipping scholars in the Majority World.

Amplifying Global Voices: Fun Facts

  • In 1900 18% of Christians lived outside the west.
  • Today 70% of Christians live outside the west in South America, Africa, and Asia.

In the 1970s John Stott saw the growth in the Global South and understood the need for trained ministers. 

Because most graduate schools and seminaries are situated in the west (Europe and North America), Langham Partnership has devised means to train pastors and church leaders and have them remain within their cultural context.

Langham Partnership

The Lanier Theological Library is committed to hearing from voices in the global south. 

One example, Langham assisted Havilah Dharamraj, a prominent south Asian leader, in receiving her PhD at the University of Durham. And now she is speaking to the church in the west.

You can watch the video (80 minutes) of Havilah Dharamraj’s lecture by clicking here.

In addition, you can listen to Havilah’s podcast (18 minutes) by clicking here.

Langham Partnership is doing a number of things around the world.  First, Langham Publishing is making sure global south leaders and influencers are published. 

They are strategically publishing books around the world. 

Second, the partnership will soon be releasing short courses taught by majority world scholars. 

And now, these course are online and they are FREE, so anyone can access them.

Third, make sure you checkout the podcast OnMission with Chris Wright.  It is available on all the major streaming services.

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