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Episode 137 Capturing Christianity with Cameron Bertuzzi

Episode 137 Capturing Christianity with Cameron Bertuzzi

Capturing Christianity is an apologetics ministry directed by Cameron Bertuzzi, assisted ably by his wife Brittany. 

Cameron stopped by the Lanier Theological Library to talk with David Capes about his ministry on “The Stone Chapel Podcast.”

Who is Cameron Bertuzzi?

For years, Cameron made his living through photography and photo-editing.  But when his brother came out as an atheist a few years ago, Cameron began a journey in apologetics that has led to this ministry. 

He wanted to know whether Christianity could be rationally defended.  He wanted to explore some of objections raised by skeptics about its truth.

Like many people, Cameron had never thought deeply about his faith.  He attended church and performed in the worship band, but he had never considered the rational basis of faith.

Capturing Christianity

Cameron and his wife work together in this ministry.  Along his journey, Cameron began listening to apologists and soon found an intellectual hero in Dr. William Lane Craig. 

Today, Cameron works consistently with Dr. Craig.  Dr. Craig lectured at the Lanier Library in 2021. For a link to his lecture click here.  

Then watch his panel discussion here.

The ministry started as a blog in 2017. Cameron worked on it in his free time for the first two years.  Now he and Brittany work full time. 

He hosts dialogues, does interviews, and features what he calls “CC Exchanges.”  At the heart of it all, they focus their conversations around “atheistic apologetics”.

The Capturing Christianity YouTube channel today has 178,000 subscribers.  It has taken off.  About 5000 people a month find his ministry.

CC Exchange

The next CC Exchange will be May 6, 2023 at the Lanier Theological Library.  Cameron will host the exchange with Justin Schieber (atheist) and Eric Hernandez (Christian). 

Their topic is “Does God Exist?” To learn more about the event or to attend click here.  The event is free and open to the public thanks to the generosity of the Lanier Foundation and the good people at Capturing Christianity. 

If you can’t attend, it will be streamed live and recorded for the Capturing Christianity YouTube Channel.

For the website to Capturing Christianity click here.

For the Capturing Christianity YouTube Channel click here.

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