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Episode 140 “In the Form of A God” Part 1, Andrew Perriman

Episode 140 “In The Form of A God” with Andrew Perriman, Part 1

In the Form of a God is a new book by Dr. Andrew Perriman.  It is part of a series edited by Mike Bird, David Capes, and Scott Harrower called Studies in Early Christology (Cascade). 

Perriman  joined David Capes by Zoom from his home in London for two episodes of The Stone Chapel Podcasts.

Who is Andrew Perriman

Andrew Perriman is a researcher and writer on topics related to eschatology and Christology. 

He is Associate Research Professor, London School of Theology, and spends part of his time in pastoral work around the world and with a mission organization, Communitas.  As he says, he inhabits two worlds.

Here’s a link to Andrew’s blog.

About “In the Form of A God”

The subtitle of the book narrows the subject of this book “The Pre-existence of the Exalted Christ in Paul.”

Many scholars believe that Paul, our earliest Christian theologian, already held to the notion that before Jesus was “born of a woman” (Gal 4:4-6), he existed in heaven as a divine being “in the form of God” or as Perriman prefers “in the form of a god” (Phil 2:6). 

What’s the Big Idea of the book?

His book asks the question: did Paul believe in the pre-existence of Christ?  And if so, to what extent?

Perriman takes a look at a number of key texts in Paul’s letters where scholars think the apostle refers to Jesus as being in some sense pre-existent. 

His unique approach situates Christology within Paul’s eschatology.  To say it another way, Perriman begins with eschatology rather than Christology, because he regards eschatology as Paul’s major concern. 

For Perriman, Paul is less concerned about the Son’s relationship to the Father than he is about mission and history (what is to come).  

This is part one of our conversation.  Part two will drop next week. 

What scholars are saying about the book

Here is one scholar’s assessment of the book:

“In his latest book In the Form of a God, Andrew Perriman has shown himself once again to be an incredibly creative and insightful thinker.

If you are at all interested in New Testament Christology, you simply cannot afford to skip reading this book. It will lead you to ask new questions and make you think even if you have given sustained attention to the key christological passages in the New Testament.”
–James F. McGrath, Butler University

 You can read a transcript of today’s podcast, here.

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