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Episode 142 Mount Ebal Curse Tablet with Scott Stripling

Episode 142 Mount Ebal Curse Tablet with Scott Stripling

Scott Stripling stops by the Lanier Theological Library to talk with David Capes on The Stone Chapel Podcasts.

He visits with us on earlier podcasts. But this time he is with us to discuss an exciting discovery, the Mount Ebal Curse Tablet.

Who is Scott Stripling?

Scott Stripling is Provost at the Bible Seminary and VP for Donor Relations.  He is a field archaeologist who has been digging in Israel for decades.

Scott and his team made a number of exciting discoveries, and is a strong advocate for a method called wet sifting. 

The Press Conference

Scott and his staff at the Bible Seminary gave a press conference in March 2022.  He announced the discovery and some preliminary observations about a curse table discovered on Mt. Ebal.

That video has over 25 million views. To see that video click here.

Mount Ebal Curse Tablet-the Discovery

Using a method called wet sifting, Scott and his team discovered a small lead tablet in a dump pile from Mt. Ebal.

The tablet was folded and unable to be opened. Using tomographic examination, researchers were able to read lines on the inside of the fold. 

Epigraphers, experts in ancient writing, suggest the inscription is a proto-alphabetic text.  It pronounces curses and contains a three-letter version of the divine name alongside El, another designation for God.

The initial analysis of the find was done by a European, Israeli, and American team.  The results are published in the journal, Heritage Science, and can be read here.

Let the Debate Begin

Now that the article is published. Scholars and analysts will begin to weigh in on the discovery and some of the claims made by the authors.

If dated properly, this is the first reference to the name of Israel’s God in the archaeological record. It predated any other known inscription in Israel by about 200 years. Perhaps 400 years.

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