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Episode 143 Faith and Educators Across the University

Episode 143 Faith and Educators Across the University

In this episode of  The Stone Chapel Podcast, David Capes talks with Nathan Hatch and Andrew Schuman about a new initiative for the Veritas Forum.

Who are Nathan Hatch and Andrew Schuman?

Nathan Hatch is President Emeritus of Wake Forest University. Before that he was Provost at the University of Notre Dame. 

He graduated from Wheaton College and by training, he is a historian.  He is a senior advisor to the Veritas Forum.

Andrew Schuman is the Executive Director of the Veritas Forum. 

What is the Veritas Forum?

The Veritas Forum was founded in the early 1990s at Harvard University in Boston. 

A group of professors, students and chaplains came together and made a compelling case that the big questions of life should be central to the university. 

And perhaps even more than that, the university environment ought to offer respectful, civil conversation on these big questions. 

College is a time for exploration, not indoctrination.  And college is a place of diversity: of opinions, of races, of genders, of every kind.  

So the Veritas Forum has been fostering this dialogue with speakers across North America, Europe, and Asia. 

They also publish books, do podcasts, and they curate a vast video library of their forums.  For more information go to

Faith and Educators across the University 

The Veritas Forum has a new initiative.  It’s called the Veritas Scholars Program.  The goal is to support, nurture, and mentor young Christian scholars in colleges and universities. 

The effort is across the university in disciplines such as physics, biology, social sciences, engineering, philosophy, and other humanities. 

The academic life can be isolating, with everyone pursuing their own research and teaching loads.  This efforts connects and networks young scholars with senior scholars in their area of disciplines. 

And being a Christian in many college departments can be even more isolating because so many people are hostile to the Christian faith and their Christian colleagues. 

Over the next twenty years, Veritas will continue to nurture these promising young scholars in key, research universities so that they can make a big impact upon the academic world.  And what happens in colleges and universities does trickle down into common culture.

To learn more about Veritas Forum be sure to check out their website:

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