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Episode 145 Theology on Tap with Sarah Stone

Episode 145 Theology on Tap with Sarah Stone

Sarah Stone stopped by the Lanier Theological Library to talk with David Capes on The Stone Chapel Podcasts. They chat about her work with Theology on Tap, a Houston-based ministry to young adults and singles. 

Their tag line is inviting believers and the spiritually curious to explore big questions of life and faith.

Who is Sarah Stone?

Sarah is the executive director of Theology on Tap.  She is a preacher’s kid (Presbyterian) and went to seminary to receive her Master’s degree in counseling.  She mainly has been involved in marriage and family counseling.

Sarah has known her share of trauma and tragedy.  A few years ago, she lost her brother.  She has found some comfort in faith and especially books like Psalms, Lamentations, etc, that give us permission to explore the pain of disease and death.

What is Theology on Tap?

Theology on Tap started in 2015 as an extension of a local church ministry.  The phrase Theology on Tap is not unique.  You can find similar ministries throughout the country.

They hold events throughout the city of Houston.  Those who come may be churchy people, agnostics, skeptics or just curious. 

A lot of people have been wounded by churches or deeply disappointed.  But they still have a mustard seed of faith. 

Groups like this give them a chance to network and discuss life and theology over a craft beer (or other beverages!)

The “secret sauce” to the work is the leadership team composed of professors and local church pastors.  When things get a little saucy,  they can spar over matters.  She calls it “charitable disagreement.”

Recent topics have included the existence of hell and Satanism.  Or satanism if you prefer.  Also, people today, Sarah remarks, are questioning not God’s existence but whether or not God is a “good guy,” given all the tragedy and hurt in the world.

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