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Episode 193 Does the Church Have a Future? with Pablo Deiros


Episode 193 Does the Church Have a Future? With Pablo Deiros

Dr. Pablo Deiros gave a lecture at the Lanier Theological Library to an audience of about 300 people in April 2024.  He lectured in his heart language, Spanish, the heart language of a growing number of people in the United States. 

Every year the Lanier Theological Library sponsors a lecture in Spanish.  Pablo stopped by the library to talk with David Capes for this episode of the Stone Chapel Podcasts.

Who is Pablo Deiros?

Pablo was born in Paraguay to medial missionaries who were from Argentina.  Today he makes his home in Argentina. 

He has served as a pastor for fifty years.  He has also taught and written books, mainly about the history of the church. 

You can find some of his books at the Lanier Theological Library in the Spanish collection.  For a time he taught at Fuller Seminary in California.

Does the Church Have a Future?

The topic of Dr. Deiros’s lecture at the Lanier Library was the church in the 21st century.  His focus was on Latin America and Hispanic churches in America. 

However, the principles he shared are important for other parts of the world and church too.

Deiros believes we need to rethink the whole idea of church and how we “do” church.  There must be a new orientation to ministry. 

Not so much pastor-centered and denominational.  But with a greater sense of “the priesthood of all believers.” 

This was a Reformation focus that got lost in Christendom.  This means relying less on a professional clergy and relying more on training every gifted person. 

Or everyone, because everyone has a ministry gift.  And this means a greater emphasis on the gifts and power of the Spirit.  There is a lot more here, so just take a listen!


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