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Episode 196 Matthew and the “Trauma” of the Parousia

Episode 196 Matthew and the “Trauma” of the Parousia

In May 2024 the Evangelical Foundation for Biblical Research hosted two conferences at Lanier Library and Learning Centre at Yarnton, UK. 

The focus of one of those conferences was on returning the pastoral purpose to the Parousia. It was led by David Capes, Randy Richards and Terry Wilder.

In all there were thirteen papers presented by scholars from North America, Britain, India, and Europe.  One of those papers deals with the “trauma” some experienced in the 1970s and 80s over the teaching, movies, and music associated with the Parousia. 

Jeannine Brown and Carla Dahl joins David Capes on The Stone Chapel Podcasts to discuss their topic.

Who Is Jeannine Brown and Carla Dahl?

Jeannine Brown is a well-known and accomplished New Testament Scholar.  She is a New Testament professor at Bethel Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota.  She’s writes broadly on NT themes.  Her focus is on the Gospels.

Carla Dahl is a retired Professor of Pastoral Care and Spiritual Formation from Bethel Seminary and Luther Seminary in Minnesota.  She continues in psychotherapy private practice.

Both women experienced anxiety over how the Parousia was presented to them.  At the time, they were afraid they’d be left behind. 

Matthew and the “Trauma” of the Parousia

Jeannine Brown points out in Jesus’ “sermon” in Matthew 24—25 that the first part has to do with Jesus’ prediction of the fall of the temple. 

Many of those “signs” are taken in dispensational interpretations as signs of the second coming (Parousia).  It is in Matt 24:36 that Jesus’ turns his attention to the return of the Son of Man. 

Larry Norman’s Song I Wish We’d All Be Ready typifies Jesus Music in the 1970s and 80s.  Movies too describe how Jesus would come “like a thief in the night.” 

Carla Dahl discussed how our brains work when there are perceived threats out there.  People, for example, who fear abandonment because of some childhood trauma were especially vulnerable.

Resources for Matthew and the “trauma” of the Parousia

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Jeannine Brown’s book The Gospels as Stories: A Narrative Approach to Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John

Click here to watch Dr. Brown’s participation in a panel discussion at the Lanier Theological Library on the Atonement and the death of Jesus.

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