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Episode 197 Truth, Culture, and Rebirth with Michael Lloyd

Episode 197  Truth, Culture, and Rebirth with Michael Lloyd

In spring 2024 David Capes and his wife, Cathy, were in Yarnton for a conference.  While there, they met with Dr. Michael Lloyd to talk about an initiative at Wycliffe Hall, one of the permanent houses at Oxford. In this podcast David and Michael discuss briefly a huge project to reset the tone of culture. 

Who Is Michael Lloyd?

Dr. Michael Lloyd is principal of Wycliffe Hall.  He has been with us before on this podcast.  Be sure to check the show notes for links to those podcasts.  He has also been a lecturer at the Lanier Theological Library in Houston.  They are below as well. 

As principal, Michael is tasked with the overall direction of the school.  Wycliffe is an Anglican training college in one of the oldest, most important universities in the world.  Indeed, the world comes to Oxford, and then goes back to their respective countries.

Truth, Culture, and Rebirth 

Michael Lloyd believes we are at a crossroads.  People have become fed up with the idea that truth is subjective and relative.  They recognize that relativism is a danger to science and justice.  So, they are looking for something more reasonable.  The Christian faith addresses the question of truth.

The world has witnessed many renaissances.  The most famous, the Italian Renaissance of the late middle ages.  Renaissance means rebirth.  It is the rediscovery of the truth, goodness, and beauty of the classical world. 

Dr. Lloyd believes we need a new rebirth of culture and the Christian faith can speak profoundly to that.  He wants Wycliffe Hall to take a leading role in gathering scholars, artists, and other creatives to reimagine the world through the lens of the Christian faith.

Listen to get a more complete picture of what Michael is proposing.

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