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Episode 091 Wycliffe Hall Oxford University with Michael Lloyd

Michael Lloyd is prinicipal of Wycliffe Hall, part of the Oxford University system.  He joins David Capes on the Stone Chapel to talk about the history and mission of Wycliffe Hall.  The Wycliffe name is associated with the early protest movements against the established church in the late Middle Ages.  In particular, John Wycliffe had been a professor and theologian at Oxford University in the 14th century. He is probably best known for his insistence that people be able to read the Bible in their own language.

Today, Wycliffe Hall stands in that same tradition.  It trains women and men for various roles in the Anglican Church.  Wycliffe Hall and the Lanier Foundation in the UK will establish a partnership as Yarnton Manor provides residences and class space for Wycliffe students, faculty, and staff.  

Professor Lloyd’s last podcast on evil and suffering was very popular. If you haven’t already listened, click here:

Michael Lloyd is the Principal of Wycliffe Hall.  He was formerly the chaplain at The Queen’s College, University of Oxford and the Chaplain and Director of Studies in Theology at Christ’s College, Cambridge University. Dr. Lloyd has taught theology and doctrine at the University of Oxford, Cambridge University and St Paul’s Theological Centre, London. He has published the popular introduction Café Theology. Of particular interest to Michael is the doctrine of evil, the problem of pain, and an inexplicable love of cricket.


Michael is a resident discussant on St Paul’s Theological College’s GodPod. He joins Dr Graham Tomlin and Dr Jane Williams to discuss all things theological.

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