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TSC_031 Nijay Gupta-Paul and the Language of Faith

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Nijay Gupta--Paul and the Language of Faith

Nijay Gupta, Professor of New Testament at Northern Seminary, Chicago, IL, zoomed in with David Capes recently to talk about his book, Paul and the Language of Faith (Eerdmans Publishing, 2020).

This is what Michael Bird of Ridley College (Melbourne, AUS) said about the book:

“Nijay Gupta presents here the best contemporary exploration of the meaning of ‘faith’ and ‘believing’ in the Christian Bible. He leaves no stone unturned as he covers topics like faith as doctrine, virtue, allegiance, trust, obedience, and fidelity, among other things. Along the way Gupta cracks open a few hoary chestnuts like the ‘faithfulness of Christ’ and faith as a social boundary marker, always with clarity and acumen. All in all, a wonderful exposition of the meaning of faith in the biblical world.”