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TSC_037 Blackwell, Hatchett, Capes-Engaging Theology

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Blackwell and Hatchett-Engaging Theology 

Ben Blackwell, Associate Professor of New Testament and Christian Origins at HBU, and Randy Hatchett, Professor of Theology and Philosophy, also of HBU, have written a new book:


(Zondervan, 2019).  The book demonstrates the relevance of “engaging” theology rather than just thinking about God, the world and humanity.  The authors, while seasoned, do a great job of making theology understandable.  They focus on the story of scripture, doctrinal exposition, theological relevance (and reflection), and finally spiritual relevance.  Recently, a film crew from Zondervan Academic filmed Ben and Randy talking about their new book in the scholar’s cottage.  Look for those videos in spring or fall 2021.