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TSC_040 Andrew Abernethy, God’s Messiah in the Old Testament

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Andrew Abernethy

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Andrew Abernethy, God's Messiah in the Old Testament

Andrew Abernethy, PhD Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, is a former colleague of David Capes at Wheaton College.  He is an Associate Professor of Old Testament at Wheaton College and Degree Coordinator for the Master of Arts in Biblical Exegesis.  He is author of many articles, but the focus of this podcast is a book he wrote along with Dr. Gregory Goswell of Christ College in Sydney, Australia.  It is entitled God’s Messiah in the Old Testament: Expectations of a Coming King (Baker Academic, 2020).  While some scholars find precious little “messianism” in the Old Testament, others find it in nearly every verse.  So, what is the truth?  Abernethy and Goswell take a book by book approach to work through those passages that look forward to a coming messianic king.



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