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TSC 041 Rob Bradshaw,

The Stone Chapel Podcasts

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Rob Bradshaw

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Rob Bradshaw,

Rob Bradshaw, librarian at Spurgeon’s College in south London, has been digitizing articles, journals and books for 20 year to provide people around the world access to high value theological resources.  His website,, is a hub for a variety of websites that links pastors, students and teachers with resources in biblical studies, theology, church history and practice theology.  After working in Nepal, Rob realized how deeply poverty was affecting Christians around the world.  Nepalese Christian leaders who wanted to learn had no way because resources were not available.  To date, he and his wife have digitized or digitised (British spelling) over 45,000 articles and hundreds of books.  The work is hard, expensive and painstaking, yet Rob has a calling.  He has had over two million visits to his site and seven tera-bytes of downloads.  As the shadow of Covid-19 grows longer, those who have no theological library ready to hand are turning more and more to “TheologyontheWeb.”



The Stone Chapel Podcasts

The Stone Chapel Podcasts

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