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Lecture: “Dead Sea Scrolls: The Significance of the Latest Developments” from Weston Fields

Weston Fields - April 16, 2011

Dead Sea Scrolls: The Significance of the Latest Developments

Who can begin to state the significance of the archaeological discovery that began in 1947 in caves near the Dead Sea? No one better than the director of the Dead Sea Scrolls Foundation. Over 100,000 fragments have been pieced together into over 900 separate documents, both biblical and non-biblical. They have been called "the ultimate jigsaw puzzle," and the oldest fragments date back to the 3rd century B.C. That is about 1,000 years earlier than the oldest manuscripts of the Hebrew Bible we had before 1947. During the past few years, fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls that were previously unknown to most scholars and the general public, have been sold or offered for sale. This lecture will summarize what the Dead Sea Scrolls are, how they were originally saved, why they are important, and why some fragments are only now becoming known.

From Series: "LTL Lecture Series Academic Year 2010-2011"

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