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April 2015 Book Reviews

  • Ancient Rhetoric and The Synoptic Problem: Clarifying Markan Priority by Alex Damm. Read a review here.
  • The Character of Christian Scripture: The Significance of a Two-Testament Bible by Christopher R. Seitz.  Read a review here.
  • The English Bible, King James Version: The Old Testament edited by Herbert Marks.  Read a review here.
  • First Came Marriage: The Rabbinic Appropriation of Early Jewish Wedding Ritual by Susan Marks.  Read a review here.
  • Historical Atlas of Ancient Christianity edited by Angelo Di Berardino.  Read a review here.
  • In the Beginning Were Stories, Not Texts: Story Theology by C.S. Song.  Read a review here.
  • Love in the Gospel of John: An Exegetical, Theological, and Literary Study by Francis J. Moloney.  Read a review here.
  • The New Testament Church: The Challenge of Developing Ecclesiologies edited by John Harrison and James D. Dvorak.  Read a review here.
  • Reading Backwards: Figural Christology and the Fourfold Gospel Witness by Richard B. Hays.  Read a review here.
  • Reading the Epistles of James and Jude as Scripture: The Shaping and Shape of a Canonical Collection by David R. Nienhuis and Robert W. Wall.  Read a review here.