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Card, Four Portraits of Jesus  


Lecture Listening Guides

by David  Capes

Card, Four Portraits of Jesus  

Lecturer: Michael Card

Title: Four Portraits of Jesus

Date: 10/29/2016


  1. What examples does Card give of how Jesus failed to meet the expectations of everybody he met?


  1. How did people respond to the miracles of Jesus?


  1. In Mark’s account of the storm on the sea of Galilee, what causes the disciples to be afraid?


  1. What is the best way to show someone you love them?


  1. How do you listen to God?


  1. What are the simple structures of the Gospels?


  1. Who does Card say is responsible for bringing us Paul and Mark?


  1. Why does Card connect Peter to the Gospel of Mark?


  1. Who is Mark’s audience?


  1. How does Mark uniquely address that audience?


  1. What are some examples of Mark’s unique message to that audience?


  1. What do the Gospels record about the emotional life of Jesus?


  1. How and when does Card say Paul and Luke met?


  1. Why does Card believe Luke was a slave?


  1. What does John do that none of the other Gospels do?


  1. What does Card say the Wisdom writings are about?


  1. The Bible takes us on what journey?


  1. How does Card say that Luke depicts Jesus as the wisdom of God?


  1. What does Card mean in saying John is the only Gospel that whispers?