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December 2015 New Books

  • The Ancient Jews from Alexander to Muhammad (Key Themes in Ancient History) by Seth Schwartz.
  • Biblical Blaspheming: Trials of the Sacred for a Secular Age by Yvonne Sherwood.
  • Christianity – Is It Really True?: Responsible Faith in a Post-Christian Culture by Ron Highfield.
  • Contesting Conversion: Genealogy, Circumcision, & Identity in Ancient Judaism & Christianity by Matthew Thiessen.
  • God, Grace, and Righteousness in Wisdom of Solomon and Paul’s Letter to the Romans: Texts in Conversation by Jonathan S. Linebaugh.
  • Judith (Commentaries on Early Jewish Literature) by Deborah Levine Gera.
  • Nietzsche Versus Paul by Abed Azzam.
  • The Old Testament in Eastern Orthodox Tradition by Eugen J. Pentiuc.
  • Religious Dissent in the Roman Empire: Violence in Judaea at the Time of Nero by Vasily Rudich.
  • Rome’s Christian Empress: Galla Placidia Rules at the Twilight of the Empire by Joyce E. Salisbury.