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Don Finto

Lecture by

Don Finto

Mark Lanier's Former Pastor
(Belmont Church, Nashville,TN)
Founder of Caleb Company
Saturday, September 12, 2020, 7:00 – 9:00 p.m.

Shortly after Don Finto finished his undergraduate work at Abilene Christian University, he married Martha and they spent the next eight years in missions in post-World War II Germany. After returning to the US in 1960, he completed additional post- graduate degrees from Harding University and Vanderbilt University and joined the faculty at Lipscomb University in Nashville, Tennessee. He taught both German and Bible at Lipscomb, and ultimately served as head of the Modern Language Department.

In 1971, Don became the pastor of Belmont Church in Nashville, serving as their senior leader for the next 25 years. During these years his outreach to the hippie culture was intertwined with ministry to and with several Christian music stars, including Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith, Chris Christian and producer Michael Blanton. He continues to serve as a pastor to pastors, and is widely known for his involvement with the resurrected community of Jewish believers in Jesus, both in the US and in Israel. He leads several trips to Israel each year.

Don has written these books: Your People Shall Be My People: How Israel, the Jews and the Christian Church Will Come Together in the Last Days (2001, revised 2016); God’s Promise and the Future of Israel: Compelling Questions People Ask About Israel and the Middle East (2006) and The Handbook for the End Times: Hope, Help and Encouragement for Living in the Last Days (2018). All of these were published by Baker Chosen.

Don founded the Caleb Company in 1996, wanting to challenge people to emulate the biblical Caleb by: 1) continuing to “take their mountains” even into old age, 2) raising up the next generations to be strong men and women of God, and 3) remaining wholeheartedly devoted to God all the days of their lives.

Following Martha’s home-going in 2016, Don continues to be a father not only to his three children, seven grandchildren, and nine great grandchildren, but also to a host of spiritual descendants and friends. Don strives to leave this legacy: “Radical passion for the Lord and fullness of the Holy Spirit.”