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Episode 090 The Bible and Immigration with Danny Carroll Rodas


In 2022, as Covid loosens its grip, we were able to host our first Spanish lecture in two years.  Danny Carroll, the Scripture Press Professor of Scripture and Pedagogy at Wheaton College, gave our 2022 lecture entitled (in English): The Bible and Borders: Hearing God’s Word on Immigration (Brazos Press).  Immigration from Mexico and Latin America is one of the most polarizing issues of our days. 

But immigration has been part of the human story, from the beginning.  In particular, the Bible shows how the people of Abraham immigrated from the northern reaches of the Fertile Crescent to the lands of Canaan.  Throughout their history, the Jews have immigrated to Egypt, to Assyria, to Babylon. Some made their way back to the land of Abraham after the exile.  So the Bible demonstrates great sympathy and compassion to those dispossessed by violence, depravation, war, and conquest.  Dr. Carroll invites us to hear what God’s Word has to say about this very common human problem.