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Episode 86 Yarnton Manor with Mark Lanier

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Episode 86 Yarnton Manor with Mark Lanier

In 2021 the Lanier Foundation in Houston, TX, established a sister foundation in the United Kingdom for the express purpose of setting up a learning center in Yarnton, a village about four miles north of Oxford, England.  Mark Lanier, the founder of the library in Houston and Oxford, joins us to talk about the project, its mission, and its future.  As of this podcast, the foundation has purchased sixty acres anchored by Yarnton Manor, a manor built in 1611, the same year the King James Bible was published.  In all there are 12 buildings on the properties and over the next year or two the foundation will be busy renovating the properties and initiating partnerships to make good use of the facility.  Wycliffe Hall, part of Oxford University, will begin using the property in fall 2022 as student residences and soon classes, seminars, and conferences will be held on the property.  Stay tuned to the website for the Lanier Theological Library, Houston, for exciting developments in this new residential library in Oxford:



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