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Episode 89 In Defense of Penal Substitution with William Lane Craig

We had scheduled William Lane Craig to be with us twice during Covid, but we finally had the lecture in March 2022.  He had published a book with Baylor University Press entitled, Atonement and the Death of Christ (2020).  Dr. Craig is one of the foremost apologists in the world. He is a philosophical theologian trained with two PhDs and serving two institutions: Houston Baptist University and Talbot School of Theology.  He also runs a very effective web presence called Reasonable Faith:

It contains thousands of pages of articles, resources, and links that make the case that the Christian faith is “reasonable.”  It is not illogical and without evidence.  In this podcast he makes the case that penal substitution and all its implications derives from ancient legal ideas that remain in British and American legal systems. Despite what detractors say, the idea of someone suffering for another is not the thing of myth; it has precedent in the law.  The problem is, most theologians and philosophers have no training in the law.  It’s a fascinating discussion, here on The Stone Chapel Podcast.