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January 2015 Book Reviews

  • Amarna Sunrise: Egypt from Golden Age to Age of Heresy by Aidan Dodson.  Read a review here.
  • Babylon: Legend, History and the Ancient City by Michael Seymour.  Read a review here.
  • Calvin vs. Wesley: Bringing Belief in Line with Practice by Don Thorsen. Read a review here.
  • Christianity in Roman Africa by J. Patout Burns Jr. and Robin M. Jensen.  Read a review here.
  • Do My Prophets no Harm by Robert Kimbrell Shinkoskey.  Read a review here.
  • The Family Project by Glenn T. Stanton.  Read a review here.
  • Jesus the Bridegroom by Brant Pitre.  Read a review here.
  • Marriage Made in Eden by Alice P. Mathews and M. Gay Hubbard.  Read a review here.
  • Race and Ethnicity in the Classical World: An Anthology of Primary Sources in Translation by Rebecca F. Kennedy, C. Sydnor Roy, and Max L. Goldman.  Read a review here.
  • Salt, Light and Cities on Hills by Melvin Tinker.  Read a review here.
  • Travels with St. Mark: GPS for the Journey by Eugene E. Lemcio.  Read a review here.