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John Behr Listening Guide


Lecture Listening Guides

by Dr. David Capes

Lecturer: John Behr

Title: Incarnation and the Passion in the Gospel of John

Date: 12/07/2019


  1. What are the key theological points in the prologue of John?


  1. What is the relationship between incarnation and passion in John’s Gospel?


  1. Behr says John’s Gospel has produced a school/disciples responsible for what celebration?


  1. The Paschal of Christ is a single night celebration incorporating which events?


  1. How does Behr explain Polycrates of Ephesus reference to John as a priest wearing a πεταλον which implies he was the High Priest during that year?


  1. In what way does John’s Gospel begin where the Synoptics end?


  1. Unlike the Synoptics, John plots his narrative in a framework measured by what?


  1. According to Behr, John has arranged his presentation of Christ in what kind of manner?


  1. In five of the six feasts John mentions, how is Christ presented?


  1. Where does John look back to see what Christ has finished on the cross?


  1. How does John use the appearance of the woman in his Gospel?


  1. What are some parallels to Genesis that are played out in the crucifixion scene?


  1. In what way is the Church the “true mother of the living” according to Behr?


  1. Who would Eve have thought Adam to be, and why?


  1. How are these themes also seen in the Apocalypse?


  1. In John’s prologue, what does the first verse do, that is repeated in verses 2-5, and 6-18?


  1. Unlike the other Gospels, to what does John attribute everything that happens?


  1. How does John’s Gospel use the word “flesh”?


  1. Instead of overshadowing everything else, what has the incarnation done in John’s Gospel?


  1. Behr says the incarnation is not simply an event in the past, but what?