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July 2014 Book Reviews

  • Admen and Eve: The Bible in Contemporary Advertising by Katie B. Edwards. Read a review here.
  • Baptismal Imagery in Early Christianity: Ritual, Visual, and Theological Dimensions by Robin M. Jensen. Read a review here.
  • The Divine Feminine in Ancient Europe: Goddesses, Sacred Women and the Origins of Western Culture by Sharon Paice MacLeod. Read a review here.
  • Explaining the Cosmos: Creation and Cultural Interaction in Late-Antique Gaza by Michael W. Champion. Read a review here.
  • Ezra’s Social Drama: Identity Formation, Marriage and Social Conflict in Ezra 9 and 10 by Donald P. Moffat. Read a review here.
  • The Invention of Peter: Apostolic Discourse and Papal Authority in Late Antiquity by George E. Demacopoulos. Read a review here.
  • The Law of Ancient Athens by David Phillips. Read a review here.
  • Modern Interpretations of Romans: Tracking Their Hermeneutical/Theological Trajectory edited by Daniel Patte and Cristina Grenholm. Read a review here.
  • The Nature of Creation: Examining the Bible and Science by Mark Harris. Read a review here.
  • Yearning for You: Psalms and the Song of Songs in Conversation with Rock and Worship Songs by William Goodman. Read a review here.