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June 2014 Book Reviews

  • ‘The Unconquered Land’ and other Old Testament Eassys: Selected Studies by Rudolf Smend edited by Edward Ball and Margaret Barker. Read a review here.
  • The Book of Joel: A Prophet Between Calamity and Hope by Elie Assis. Read a review here.
  • Exploring the Old Testament in the New by Peter R. Rodgers. Read a review here.
  • Feminist Biblical Interpretation by Luise Schottroff and Marie-Theres Wacker. Read a review here.
  • From Jesus to the New Testament: Early Christian Theology and the Origin of the New Testament Canon by Jens Schroter. Read a review here.
  • Origin Myths and Holy Places in the Old Testament: A Study of Aetiological Narratives by Lukasz Niesiolowski-Spano. Read a review here.
  • The Oxford Handbook of Childhood and Education in the Classical World edited by Judith Evans Grubbs, Tim Parkin with Roslynne Bell. Read a review here.
  • Soundings in Cultural Criticism: Perspectives and Methods in Culture, Power, and Identity in the New Testament by Francisco Lozada Jr. and Greg Carey. Read a review here.
  • Theodosius II: Rethinking the Roman Empire in Late Antiquity edited by Christopher Kelly. Read a review here.
  • Three Times a Year by Shimon Gesundheit. Read a review here.