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New Feature at Feb. 11 Lecture

February’s lecture will be followed by three 8-minute responses from these outstanding Biblical scholars: 

Emanuel Tov’s studies range from Biblical and Greek literature at the Hebrew University to Near Eastern Languages and Literatures at Harvard University. He received his Ph.D. from Hebrew University in 1973. Tov specializes in the textual criticism of Hebrew and Greek scripture and the Qumran Scrolls. Since 1986, he has been a professor at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, has written and edited numerous books and articles, and has received numerous awards for his research. Of late, Tov has invested his time and energy in directing the Dead Sea Scrolls Publication Project, a thirty-three volumes series entitled Discoveries in the Judean Desert (1992-2010).

Steven Lancaster did his graduate studies at Grace Theological Seminary, the Institute of Holy Land Studies, and the University of Wisconsin on subjects ranging from Biblical Geography to Hebrew and Semitic Studies. He taught Hebrew and Biblical Geography at Jerusalem University College and over the past 28 years, he has participated in six different archaeological excavations. Lancaster studied under Jim Monson, and since 2003, has been a researcher and lecturer with “Biblical Backgrounds, Inc.”, a company whose products offer an in-depth and unique way to understand the land of Israel.

Mark Lanier studied Biblical Languages at Lipscomb University and earned his law degree from Texas Tech University. In 1990, Lanier started his own firm, which now employs 65 lawyers in four different cities. In addition to practicing law, Lanier writes about the Bible and teaches a weekly Biblical class at Champions Forest Baptist Church with over 700 class members. Over the past two years, Lanier and his wife, Becky, opened the Lanier Theological Library and launched the library’s speaker series with notable Biblical scholars.

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