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Physical Theology: The Bible in its Land, Time and Culture

God has revealed Himself in time, space, and culture. People of faith from biblical times through today seek to live according to His purposes as reflected in the Bible. In this visual presentation Professor Monson will demonstrate how the original context of Scripture— the land, culture, and language— is valuable for understanding both the message of the Bible and its contemporary relevance. The ancient Israelites and Jews in later periods lived off the land and lived out their response to God through the law, the feasts, and the challenges of life in the land. The land was God’s testing ground of faith, and as we encounter the “physical theology” expressed in Scripture, we are better equipped to grasp the lessons it has for us today. For more information about lecturer John Monson, click here.

This lecture will be followed by three 8-minute responses from these outstanding scholars.

February 11, 2012
7:00 – 9:00 p.m.
14130 Hargrave, Houston TX 77070
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