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Joseph Shulum Listening Guide


Lecture Listening Guides

by Dr. David Capes

Lecturer: Joseph Shulam

Title: Heretical Rabbis of the Talmud

Date: 02/08/2020


  1. Since truth is something that needs collaboration, how does Shulam collaborate the Bible?


  1. What do we know about Menahem?


  1. Hundreds of years later, the Rabbis said Menahem “went forth into evil courses.” What does Shulam say that means?


  1. How does the Manean in Acts 13 compare to Menahem?


  1. Why is that significant?


  1. Shulam likens Menahem to a supreme court judge. What does he say of the Apostle Paul?


  1. What purpose did it serve for those who stoned Stephen to put their coats at Saul’s feet?


  1. What was the heresy for which Rabbi Eliezer was arrested?


  1. What were some accusations against Christians detailed in Pliny’s letters to Trajan?


  1. What are the two exceptions for tithing in the Torah?


  1. What was it that impressed Eliezer enough to leave his faith and become a Christian?


  1. Shulam says that Jesus’ main role during his earthly ministry was what?


  1. Why does Shulam say that only 10% of the teaching in evangelical churches is from the Gospels?


  1. Why would Ben Dazma have asked for Jacob (a disciple of Jesus) to heal him for a snake bite?


  1. For what reason did the Rabbi not allow Ben Dazma to call for Jacob?


  1. What is the relationship between Jewish believers in Jesus and the Rabbinical community?


  1. Regarding Elisha, one of several very famous Rabbis before the year 125, what spiritual experience do they have?


  1. How are those Rabbis affected by this experience?


  1. What did Elisha see that caused him to become a Christian?
  2. Elisha’s name was changed after this experience. What did his new name mean?