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TSC_079 Michael Lloyd, Jesus, Evil, and Suffering

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TSC_079 Michael Lloyd, Jesus, Evil and Suffering

On this episode of “The Stone Chapel Podcast,” David Capes talks with Dr. Michael Lloyd, principal of Wycliffe Hall in Oxford, regarding his lecture at the Stone Chapel in January 2022.  Dr. Lloyd has spent much of his intellectual life exploring the problem of evil; so much so that his students sometimes call him “Dr. Evil.” In his lecture he points us to what we can learn from Jesus about evil and suffering.  The bottom line is this: “God does not always get what he wants.”  Jesus is against suffering and confronts it throughout the Gospels.  So what does that mean about the world and all that’s in it?  Well, to answer that, Dr. Lloyd draws on the angelic fall tradition to say that God’s good world has gone wrong before humanity arrives and before humanity itself falls and rebels against God. Thus, there are powers and forces which must be confronted and which ultimately will be dealt with by God. Toward the end of the podcast, the conversation turns to Dr. Lloyd’s book, Café Theology.  Michael wants to point out that good theology is not “golf ball theology” but “sugar theology.”  OK, you’ll have to listen to understand.  Ultimately, he makes the case that good theology does not have to be done in a church; it can be done anywhere in the world, including cafés.


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