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Lanier Foundation Partnership

Positioning the resources of truth to grow the Kingdom in Jesus' name.


The Lanier Theological Library vision is to be open to the public with the best possible resources and programs available to its patrons free of charge. The Library welcomes all as patrons and will always be committed to the open exchange of ideas and honest discussion.

However, the Lanier Foundation Partnership is a unique fellowship of those who share the vision of the Foundation for biblical research, theological education, and practical training for Christian ministry and mission. This is an opportunity to have impact now and in the future through the Lanier Theological Library and the Learning Center.

All agreements and all information concerning donors and prospective donors shall be held in strict confidence by the LTL Foundation, subject to legally authorized and enforceable requests for information by governing agencies and courts.
All other requests for donor information will be honored or allowed only if the donor grants permission, in writing, before the release of such information.
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