This is a private research library which will eventually hold over 100,000 books. Anyone who will use our resources responsibly is welcome to study here, but no books can leave this building.  We ask you to respect the need for a quiet setting. Quiet your cell phone and lower your voice, please.  Please leave books that you use on a gray designated return cart.  Do not reshelve them. Please use the leather coasters for your drinks, but do not take the coasters with you. They are not souvenirs.   Please do not eat food or snacks while you are using our books or journals.

Visiting the Library

Upon your first visit, you will register with a photo ID and give your email address, phone, etc.  Enter and exit through the Falba gate, just south of the 3-way stop where Falba intersects Hargrave.  Upon arrival at the gate, please call 281-477-8400 and a member of the library’s staff will open the gate for you. Remember, you will need to call this number on every visit. The library is open weekdays from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m., except for Tuesdays when we are usually open until 9:00 p.m. The chapel is only open until 5:00 p.m. all weekdays. All visitors must stay within the immediate area of the chapel and library. Please do not go either north or east of the chapel. When you exit the library, please use the front entrance. The courtyard gate is for emergency exit only.

The Library on the Web

Wireless Internet is available throughout the library under Lanier_Lib. There is no password needed, but social media websites are restricted. Our website is  On our website, you can register to attend LTL lectures and also sign up to receive all email updates on the library.  Be sure to join us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, @LanierTheoLib.

All journals at the library are listed on our website under “Research,” “How to Find a Journal” and “Our List,”  To access the list click here. You can print journal articles from LTL computers or your own laptop, or email a PDF version of an article to yourself for later use. In the Journals Room, we have additional instructions for using the library’s online resources and journal databases.

Library Computers and Catalog

The two computers in the mail hall are limited to use in locating books.  Unless you get special permission, these computers cannot be used for writing or research beyond searching our catalog.  To find a book or search a subject area, go to our online library catalog here (under “Catalog”). The catalog looks like a search engine, but it requires very exact entries or broad categories for general searches. Here are some general guidelines:

  • If looking for a specific book, we advise checking Amazon first to make sure you have the title exactly right.
  • If searching for an author, begin the search with the author’s last name: “McGrath, Alister” or “Wright, N.T.”
  • If performing a general search, search broad categories (for example: “Assyrian language” INSTEAD OF “Assyrian dialects”).

If you need assistance finding a book, please let us know. We will be glad to help you.

Navigating the Library

A map is available here to show you where to locate the various Library of Congress call numbers.  Most private collections are shelved in the main hall of the library, not in the regular collection. Use the online catalog to check if a book is stored outside the regular collection. Click on “Show Copy Information” to see the book’s “Location.” If it is part of a private collection, it will be noted under “Location.” Again, if you are unable to find a book, we can help.

Books & Circulation Policy

Because we do not check out or loan books, we have two copiers with scanners (see map).  Please limit yourself to 10 copies per visit without special permission, but you can scan as many pages as you like to email to yourself and print on your own printer.  Directions are on the machines.

Please place books that you use on one of the gray designated return carts.  Do not reshelve them.  If you would like to reserve books to use again soon, please fill out an orange form and store your books on one of the “Reserved for Research” book carts by the kitchen.

The Chapel

The Stone Chapel, which is immediately north of the library, is usually open for prayer and meditation (except on Tuesday evenings).  It is a reproduction of a Byzantine church built in 500 A.D. in Cappadocia, the ruins of which were photographed by Gertrude Bell in 1909. The paintings on the ceiling by Richard McCluskey tell much of the story of the Bible.  You can find a video and a booklet about the chapel on our website (“Explore”>>”The Chapel”) or by clicking here.

Children at the LTL

We welcome children to tour the library, but not to stay here while parents study. Children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult at all times (1 adult for every 2 children).