Andrew MacIntosh


Lecture Listening Guides

by Dr. David Capes

Dr. Andrew MacIntosh

Lanier Theology Library

Date: April 13, 2019

Title: “Shock and Awe: The Old Testament Prophet Hosea in Recent Research”


  1. When was Hosea born? When did he die?


  1. United Israel divided into two kingdoms, northern and southern. How are they referred to in the Scriptures?


  1. Who were the superpowers of Hosea’s day? Where were they located?


  1. What is an example of a common noun becoming a proper noun?


  1. What is syncretism? According to MacIntosh there are three kinds.  What are they?  What is a good example?  What is a bad?


  1. Who was Baal? What was he (supposedly) good at?  Who was his “wife”/consort?


  1. What is the Baal myth? How did we learn about it?


  1. What audacious thing did God ask Hosea to do? Why?


  1. What is sympathetic magic? MacIntosh links the idea of sympathetic magic with modern _______________.


  1. What was Hosea’s greatest achievement?


  1. What are the names of Hosea’s children? What did those name signify?


  1. What is the name of Hosea’s wife? What did she do to betray Hosea?


  1. What does MacIntosh say the word Hayah means and how does it relate to the divine name?


  1. What is the secret that is going on the book?


  1. Why does MacIntosh say the prayer of Hosea was not answered?


  1. What likely happened to Hosea?


  1. What happened to his writings?


  1. MacIntosh likens the writings of Hosea with what 20th century figure?


  1. What is Hosea’s dream?


  1. YHWH does not have a wife but there is a woman associated with him? Who is it?