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The Annual Montgomery Apologetics Lecture

In 2020 Dr. John Warwick Montgomery donated his personal library of 40,000 volumes which is the source for the development of his unique evidential apologetic approach.  In consideration of his donation the Lanier Theological Library (LTL) has established the Annual Montgomery Apologetic Series.  The 2021 Inaugural Lecture was presented by Dr. Montgomery on October 16 and all of the resources for the panel and the lecture entitled Why Do Unbelievers Reject the Solid Evidences for Christian Truth can be found HERE.


The interrelation of law and theology has a rich history and the LTL seeks to build on this history starting with the acquisition of Dr. Montgomery’s library and the Annual lecture.  According to NT Scholar F.F. Bruce,the gospel message proclaimed by the apostles was tested by the cross-examination of hostile witnesses and the apologetic command of I Peter 3:15 uses “apologia” the Greek word for legal defense.  The New Testament and the history of legal apologetics throughout England and America is the reason for establishing the lecture series and the Montgomery Apologetics Study Center.  More information on this can be found HERE.


 The Second Annual Montgomery Apologetic Lecture will feature Mark Lanier presenting on October 8, 2022 Atheism on Trial: A Lawyer Examines the Case for Unbelief.


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