Lecture Videos

Most of these previous lectures are available on DVDs for $5 each upon request. More information here.  Lecture by Jerry Root – September 6, 2019 “C. S. Lewis and the Power of the Imagination” Jerry Root is Professor of Evangelism and Director of Evangelism Initiative at Wheaton College in Wheaton, IL. He has been studying C. S. Lewis and topics related to Lewis for about 50 years, as well as teaching Lewis for about 40 years. He has lectured on Lewis topics at 77 universities in 17 countries. One of several books he has written on C. S. Lewis is The Surprising Imagination of C. S. Lewis. Lecture by Andrew Macintosh – May 18, 2019 “Shock and Awe: The Old Testament Prophet Hosea in Recent Research” Andrew Macintosh wrote the commentary on Hosea in the prestigious International Critical Commentary series. His expertise on Hosea equips him to lecture on these topics and others from Hosea: the function of prophets and prophecy, the prophet and the Canaanite god of fertility, Baal, good and bad syncretism, archaeological evidence from the Sinai desert for Hosea’s time, painful forgiveness, the savage end of Hosea’s Israel and Wisdom as a female companion of God. Lecture by Steven Notley – April 13, 2019 “Has Bethsaida-Julias Finally Been Found?” For the last 30 years, archaeologists working on the site of et-Tell, north of the Sea of Galilee, have identified it with New Testament Bethsaida. However, its remote distance (1.5 miles) from the lakeshore makes it an odd location for a fishing village. Since 2016, archaeologists including Notley have excavated el-Araj. In August 2017, headlines announced that Bethsaida, the home of Peter, Andrew and Philip (John 1:44) had finally been found at el-Araj. This lecture considers the method by which ancient sites are identified. Steven presents findings from the first three seasons of the El- Araj Excavation Project, which may have finally found evidence for Herod Philip’s urbanization of this New Testament era fishing village, transforming it into a Jewish polis.  Lecture by Bruce Hindmarsh – February 16, 2019 “‘Look Upon Nothing as Separate from God’: Evangelicals and the Rise of Science” The significant spiritual awakening in the North Atlantic that appeared in the eighteenth century took place among those who were the first generation to accept the basic postulates of Isaac Newton and to embrace the new science. The world of nature was now neither possessed of a transcendent spiritual form (Plato) nor an immanent spiritual form (Aristotle), so how was one to understand the relation of things spiritual and things material?  A number of the early evangelicals engaged with this question in a sophisticated way and this lecture will explore their answers. Jonathan Edwards was a young undergraduate at Yale when Newton’s Principia and Opticks were first taken out of their wooden crates and added to the college library collection, and he studied these works exhaustively.  John Wesley also produced one of the most comprehensive compendia of the period of the latest findings of science.  To these can be added a number of additional figures over the course of the century, including poets, amateur astronomers, mathematicians, and others–thoughtful and religiously minded people who … Continue reading Lecture Videos