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April 23, 2022 Lecture by Bill Mounce

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“Statistics Don’t Lie, or Do They? Can We Trust the Greek Manuscripts Behind Our Translations?”

Current attacks on the trustworthiness of the Bible often center on the Greek manuscripts that have come to us through the centuries. Are they hopelessly corrupt? Is it true we don’t have the originals, only copies of the copies? Were the earliest scribes messy and untrustworthy? Do the differences among the manuscripts bring major doctrines such as the Trinity into question? Whether you are listening to popular authors, watching debates on YouTube, or sitting in a freshman Bible class taught by a skeptic, their use of statistics can unsettle the staunchest of believers. And yet, there are easy-to-understand answers.

Bill Mounce (PhD University of Aberdeen) is the President of, a non-profit organization offering educational resources for the local church. He runs, a site committed to helping people learn biblical Greek.