Library Grounds

The library is situated on approximately 10 acres. It is bounded by a privacy wall, and there are gates within the property that mark what is private from what is publicSignage is clear. We ask you to respect these boundaries.

Features of the Grounds

The public area includes the Stone Chapel, a reconstruction of a 500 A.D. church in Tomarza, Cappadocia (Turkey), and the English village and Dining Hall complete with cobblestone street. The English Village rooms and courtyards are not open to the public.  The Stone Chapel is open during most library hours and you are welcome to view the chapel. Please take advantage of the quiet and reverent space for prayer and reflection as you feel led. There are multiple outdoor seating areas conducive to lunch time breaks. Finally, there is a Tardis  along with a Dalek tucked away among the trees near the library for fans of "Dr. Who."

Self-Guided Tours

You are welcome to take photographs, however, remember that professional photography MUST be scheduled and approved with the library staff beforehand, see our policies here

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