The LTL remains under COVID restrictions. The Chapel is temporarily closed due to construction.


The LTL is a growing resource for all students and scholars of the Bible in NW Houston. It is open M - F, 9am to 5pm, and Tuesday evenings until 9pm. The library's vision is to be open to the public, with the best possible resources and programs, available to its patrons free of charge. The Library welcomes all as patrons and committed to the open exchange of ideas and honest discussion.
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The LTL Foundation has organized a unique experience in the land of our Messiah! On March 5, 2021, Mark and Becky Lanier will cohost with David and Beverly Fleming, a 10 day trip to Israel! Sure to be packed with sound Biblical teaching, scriptural insight, and a welcome fellowship! Come join in. Go here to view the trip.  The password to register for the trip is: Israel-0305



The Lanier Theological Library, in partnership with the Foundation, offers public programs, scholar in residence opportunities, guided tours, and ongoing library acquisitions.  Your financial contribution creates the opportunity to widen the impact of the library's mission.

The Partnership celebrates the first 10-years of the LTL's impact, eagerly anticipating the next 10! The Partnership program is an invitation to share in the vision of a community of Christian believers in support of the LTL. Browse the brochure below.

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Welcome to the Lanier Learning Center Education Portal! The plans are almost complete on the new Learning Center wing to the library and construction is due to begin shortly. In keeping with the vision of the LTL, this portal provides important links, activities, events, and academic content in a format that is user friendly as well as important for education goals.  Check back often as this is a dynamic and useful resource!


New podcast up as David Capes hosts 'Exegetically Speaking', the second season representing a partnership between Wheaton College and the LTL.

Reading Outside the Canon: Aesop’s Fables


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There is lots going on. Part 1 shows you the 'windows' of the chapel. 5th century churches did not have access to glass like we do... WATCH!



Britain can claim it's first known example of Christian graffiti, a 5th century find!  Read about it!


Mark reflects on the library in a podcast with Kim Wier on KSBJ's 89.3 Sunday Night Live!


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If you get shushed at the Lanier Theological Library, it's probably your own fault for oohing and ahhing so loudly.

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VIRTUAL BOOK TALK - Join Lewis experts, David C. Downing & Jerry Root as they sit down with Steven Beebe to discuss his latest book, C.S. Lewis and the Craft of Communication.

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