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The LTL contains a collection of journals in both print and online formats.

1. Our List. Consult the list of journals available at the LTL.

2. How to find a journal.  Most of our journals can be accessed digitally through online databases. We currently only house the latest  two years of journals for which we have a subscription. These journals are shelved in the east wing, alphabetically, next to the computer desk. All other journals are now housed in an offsite storage facility. See a librarian to request a physical copy if not available digitally.

3. Online. For digital access of journals, use one of these websites:

    • JSTOR: If the journal is on JSTOR's website, you can access these journals by using the library's WiFi.  Our list of journals will provide a link that directs you to JSTOR (remember you must be using the library's internet connection to access JSTOR's journals).
    • DTL2: To use this resource, please stop in the office to “register” for Patron Plus to get a card with the current Pass Code.

4. Journals To-Go. To save a journal article for later research, save the article as a PDF either to your personal computer or to a thumb drive on a library computer. If you need help with this, please ask a librarian. We would love to help you.

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