The Lanier Theological Library is a research library that welcomes all who abide by library policies and use its resources respectfully. Because the LTL is a research library, we do not allow books to be removed from the building. Please respect the needs of others for a quiet setting in which to read. Lower your voice and silence your cell phone.

General Policies for the Library and Grounds

  • All of the library is a quiet zone, please keep the noise very low.
  • All cell phones should be on vibrate and calls must be taken outdoors.
  • Drinks are allowed, but bring your own, including K-cups for use in our coffeemaker. Please use coasters.
  • Please be careful to use coasters on all tables. They are not souvenirs!
  • Everyone has to stay in the immediate area of the library and chapel. No one is allowed to go north or east of the chapel.


The chapel and grounds are not available for weddings. 'Chateau Cocomar' is nearby at 14525 Champions Dr., phone 281-919-1257. We hope that you find another beautiful venue for your very important event.


You are welcome to take snapshots as you visit, but we ask that you not photograph our Dead Sea Scrolls fragment of Amos. If you wish to have professional photography performed on the grounds, you must get permission first. The rules for photography sessions are as follows.

    • The session will need to be during our hours of 9:00 am – 5:00 pm, Monday thru Friday.
    • The only building inside which you can take photos is the chapel. You may not take photos inside the library. This applies to the library and cottage courtyards as well. You may take photos outside in the village area beside the chapel and library, but not north or east of the chapel.
    • Please do not hinder the entrance/exit of patrons in any way at the library front doors.
    • Also keep in mind that you are actually on private property that the owners allow the public to access at certain times, so please respect their property and privacy.
    • With each session, you MUST make an appointment with us before you arrive.
    • You will need to arrive ready for the pictures. We do not have a changing area.
    • There is no fee for a photo session but should you want to show your appreciation, your donation will be put to good use for the library and grounds.
    • To request a photography session please send an email message to Jennie Enright.

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Tour Policies

Tours are conducted by appointment whether for large or small groups. Email Jennie Enright or submit the form below to request a tour. You will be contacted by library staff once your request has been approved.  


Hargrave gate Entry: If you are arriving by bus, you will enter the library area through our Hargrave gate. Directions to this gate can be found on our website. When you are about 10 -15 minutes away, please call us at 281-477-8400 to let us know. The Hargrave gate has to be manually opened so we want to be sure it is open before your arrival.

Falba Gate Entry: If you arrive by personal car, you will enter through our Falba Gate. Please give each driver our phone number, 281-477-8400, so they can call to be let into the gate when they arrive.

Tour for Elderly or Those with Mobility Needs Note: Please be aware that our grounds are not easy to navigate. The path between the chapel and the library is cobblestone and uneven. We would prefer that your group be accompanied by an individual that would be able to assist others with any mobility needs if necessary.

Tours for Young Students Before we can schedule you for a tour please be aware of our guidelines listed below.

  1. There must be at least 1 adult for every 2 children.
  2. It is imperative that adults stay with the children at all times. This means if a child goes upstairs, the adult must accompany them and monitor them the entire time they are here.
  3. An adult can pull a book from the shelves; CAREFULLY monitor while the children look at the book.
  4. Please do not attempt to re-shelve any books. We insist that you let us re-shelve them, so when you are finished looking at them, please place the books on one of the designated return carts.
  5. No food or drink in the chapel or library.
  6. No running, playing tag, or hide and seek.
  7. The public is only allowed access to the chapel and library as you are on private property. No one is allowed to go north or east of the chapel. Please stay in the area between the chapel and library.
  8. Please be quiet, even outside the library's front door, as you are about to enter. We are a working library, so we ask that you whisper and be respectful of the patrons who will be studying and doing research while you are here.
  9. Please go over these guidelines/rules thoroughly with all of the adults who will be monitoring the children prior to your arrival.

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