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Use these tools to find specific resources within the library:

So you want to begin using the wonderful resources at the library? And you’re not quite sure where to start? Here are  a few helpful suggestions:

  • Start with a reference work, such as a dictionary or an encyclopedia, to get a basic understanding of your subject and a preliminary bibliography for your research topic.
  • Find books. Here's a guide for using the library catalog. Don’t forget you can use a book’s bibliography to find more sources for your research.
  • Utilize our journals, which contain peer-reviewed articles that may succinctly discuss your research topic. We have thousands of publications in the Journals Room and online access to many more journals through online databases such as JSTOR, the BAS Library, and Galaxie software.  JSTOR contains journals from all disciplines within the humanities. Click here for a guide to using our journal collection.
  • Free Bible Software.  Click here to access the STEPBible, free Bible software offered by Tyndale House.  This amazing resource provides translations, definitions and much more.
  • Want to use our resources outside the library? Scan the pages you want to use outside the library and take them with you on a flash drive. You can buy an LTL flash drive for $5. More about the copiers and scanners here!
  • Want to save your books for your next visit? We will set them aside for a few days until you’re back. More on that here!
  • Need a book that we don’t have? Let us know and we might be able to help. Click here to request a book for the library.
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